Easy, dependable Pallet Solutions.Allow us to show you how this integration of world-class manufacturing, sales and service sets Berry Industrial Group, Inc. apart as a partner in your supply chain.
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Berry Industrial Group, Inc.


We are a vital link in the national supply chain. Without the use of pallets for shipping and storage, the supply chain would see major disruptions. We help Americans ship and receive essential items during the COVID-19 pandemic, including medicine, PPE, sanitizers, and food. For this reason, we will continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful for the opportunity to supply the nation with the supplies needed during this difficult time.


Dependability Since 1984

Berry Industrial Group Inc., established in 1984 is a national industrial pallet manufacturer and wholesaler headquartered in Nyack, New York. It is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise and is a member of the NWPCA.

Here at Berry Industrial Group, we manage, manufacture, design, and recycle wood, plywood, and plastic pallets. Berry Industrial Group Inc. is your quality source for warehouse pallets, automatic storage and retrieval pallets, export pallets, CP pallets, government pallets, Euro pallets, ISPM 15 pallets, heat-treated pallets, and air- & kiln- dried pallets in all custom sizes.

We have experienced professional pallet specialists ready to provide your company with all your “PALLETable™ Solutions.” We are also committed to following-up with our customers and delivering the level of service that you have a right to expect.

Berry Industrial Group Inc. is strategically located throughout the United States to accommodate our ever-increasing customer base. Our full-service operations ensure uniform service, quality, and single-point-of-contact for our customers with a national presence.

Allow us to show you how our integration of world-class manufacturing, sales, and service sets Berry Industrial Group Inc. apart as a partner in your supply chain.