CAD – Computer-aided-design software that allows the design of the “right” pallet at the best value; see Pallet Design System© (PDS©)

Captive Pallet – A pallet intended for use within the confines of a single facility, system or ownership; not intended to be exchanged

Chamfered Deckboards – Deckboards with edges of one or two faces beveled, either along the full or specified length of board or between the stringers of blocks, allowing easier entry of pallet jack wheels

Closed distribution system – Shipping system restricted to moving goods between specified plants and facilities

Collar – Collapsible wooden container or bin which transforms a pallet into a box

Cost-Pass-Through – A cost-share system where the partial cost of a pallet is passed-through from the purchaser to the receiver of the pallet

Cost-Per-Trip – Average cost of pallet use for a single one-way trip