Deck – One or more boards or panels comprising the top or bottom surface of the pallet

Deck Mat – Assembly of deckboards and stringerboards, forming the deck of a block pallet

Deckboard – Element or component of a pallet deck, oriented perpendicular to the stringer or stringerboard

Deckboard Spacing – Distance between adjacent deckboards

Deckboard Span – Distance between deckboard supports (stringers, stringerboards or blocks)

Deflection – The amount of deformation or bending in a pallet or pallet component under load

Dimensions – See Pallet Dimensions

Double-Face Pallet – A pallet with top and bottom decks

Double-Wing Pallet – A pallet with top and bottom deckboards extending beyond the edges of the stringers or stringerboards

Drive Screw Nail – Helically (continuous spiral) threaded pallet nail