Our Support for one of our Heroic Vendors and help for Hurricane Harvey

When one of our vendors, John Nisley, shared with us his plan to aid Search and Rescue Teams deployed to the greater Houston and Port Arthur area of Texas, we were happy to help.

The Illinois SAR 19 and Arkansas SAR 10 were deployed before Harvey made landfall.  Later, the Ohio SAR 4 and Pennsylvania SAR 9 went in to relieve the earlier teams. All four Search and Rescue teams are sponsored by Christian Aid Ministries out of Berlin, Ohio.    https://christianaidministries.org/program/search-and-rescue/   Each team has approximately 30 trained members, a mobile command trailer and a SONAR equipped rescue boat.

These four teams rescued 429 people plus many pets, helped transport others to shelters and were there when Texas needed them most.






For more information on the Christian Aid Ministries’ SAR teams, Rapid Response Services (disaster cleanup) and Disaster Relief Services (rebuilding after disasters), please visit https://christianaidministries.org/program/rapid-response-services/ and https://christianaidministries.org/program/disaster-response-services/.