Pallet Fun Facts – By The Numbers!

2 billion: Number of pallets estimated to be in circulation in the US

80%: Share of all US commerce estimated to be transported on pallets

3 days: Time it took to unload a typical boxcar filled with unpalletized canned goods in 1931

4 hours: Time the same task took after the widespread adoption of pallets

48 x 40 in: Most common size of the US pallet, representing 35% of all pallets produced

849 million: Wood pallets produced in the US in 2016 (508 million new and 341 million recycled)

>5 billion board feet: Lumber consumed in US wood pallet production in 2016

42.5 million: New pallets produced in the UK in 2016, up 5.6% from 2015

130 kg (286 lbs): Quantity of heroin discovered in wood pallets in a Dubai port in 2011

30,000: Number of pallets the residents of Alesund, Norway stacked and lit on fire in 2016