Air-Dried Pallets
Newly manufactured pallets are stenciled with the date of manufacture and then placed in our inventory. They are staged for a defined period of time. As the pallets dry, the moisture content of the lumber and the weight of the pallet decrease. The reduced moisture content will depend on length of time, temperature, air flow, and lumber species. This allows the pallet to stiffen so that when a heavy load is placed on the pallet it will not warp as quickly or deform where there is uneven distribution of weight. It also aids in the control of mold.

See ISPM#15 and Export Pallets in Product section.

Mold Control Program
Mold spores exist in lumber the moment a tree is cut down. Controlling mold in a natural product such as lumber is a difficult job, but applying certain practices reduces the risk and halts the growth of mold. Based on our customers’ requirements, we were able to QC the process in the following steps:

  1. Choose lumber from inventory which exhibits no previous sign of mold
  2. Manufacture as close to shipment time as possible or inventory the pallets and allow them to air dry to reduce the moisture content
  3. When heat treating (heat treating does not prevent mold; it just kills insects), allow the fans to continue running. This allows the moisture that collects on the surface of the pallet during the treatment to evaporate
  4. Store the pallets in a well-circulated area that and close to fans
  5. Do not ship pallets in closed trailer vans where there is high humidity and high temperatures
  6. Never store pallets in a van trailer

Pallet Disposal
There is money hiding in those vendor pallets. We first try to find it through audits and reverse logistics. When all opportunities have been explored, we remove pallet waste for about 1/3 of the cost from a carting company. The majority of the pallets will be ground up into mulch, creating waste stream reduction and landfill diversion. Call Berry Industrial Group, Inc. and find out if you have value in your vendor pallet pile.

Pallet Pad Inventory Management
“Pallets don’t grow on trees, they are made from trees,” says Lori Lichtig, Berry Industrial Group Inc. Production & General Manager. She has 26 years of experience helping customers avoid pallet crises. Inventory management is about information sharing, anticipating current condition, and historical data. We work hard to know when our customers will need pallets utilizing our people skills, interacting with purchasing agents, plant foremen, truck drivers, and salespeople to create a seamless flow of pallets. The program is customized to meet each location’s unique manufacturing, social, and physical environment.

Pallet Retrieval Programs
Pallet Retrieval Systems are designed with your supply chain in mind. Non-standard size pallets have less value and larger disposal headaches for you and your customers. We establish a win-win situation for you and your participating customers: we pay your customer and give the original purchaser either the returned pallets at a reduced price or a credit if it is sold downstream from the customer. Call for a custom designed retrieval system with your pallets in mind

PDS Engineered Pallet Design
Custom pallets are no problem for us. Berry Industrial Group, Inc.’s specialists will work with your packaging engineers and warehouse managers to design a high quality pallet for your product that requires a minimum amount of material and is most efficient in your supply chain. You get a stronger, lighter, and less expensive pallet, tailored to your specific needs. All pallet designs are analyzed with the NWPCA-PDS CAD Pallet Program to ensure optimal performance. These are just a few of the Pallet Design System’s many benefits:

    • PDS reduces costs. By choosing the right materials and the best design for the particular job, PDS produces the best pallet for your specific needs without expensive and wasteful over-engineering.
    • PDS gives you tremendous versatility and flexibility of materials.. Based on your unit load, the program can design any style of pallet, whether you need a stringer or block design. PDS can design reversible or non-reversible decks, single or double-faced styles, and single-wing, double-wing, or flush end pallets.
    • PDS profiles materials that enhance quality and save you money. PDS accommodates a vast variety of wood species from around the world, using any grade lumber and accepting all moisture content levels. It also takes into consideration every style of pallet fastener used today.
    • PDS takes the guesswork out of pallet performance. The program uses a detailed description of the actual unit load and material handling conditions, helping it accurately predict the pallets’ load-bearing performance.
    • PDS meets your real-world challenges. It quantifies how pallets will perform with any style of racking system and in stacking configurations up to five pallets high. It will also highlight potential failure areas under real world conditions.
    • PDS enhances workplace safety. The program recommends safety and design improvements, reducing or eliminating product damage, costly equipment shutdowns, pallet-related injuries, and possibly even litigation liability.
    • PDS ensures agreement between the pallet user and supplier. With PDS, you can be sure everyone is on the same page. PDS produces a six-page “pallet blueprint,” which details exactly what the customer wants in language the pallet user will understand. PDS allows the pallet user to approve the pallet design before it even goes into production.

USDA Certified Biobased Pallets
Berry Industrial is now a member the USDA BioPreferred® program and all of our PDS designed pallets are USDA Certified Biobased products and contain 100% USDA certified biobased content. 

Prompt and Emergency Deliveries
Berry Industrial Group, Inc. can work with your shipping and production staff to ensure that you always have pallets right when you need them. We track your purchasing history to ensure we have sufficient lumber inventory to match your seasonal production desires. We offer pallet deliveries around the clock.

Records & Reporting
Free your management staff for more core duties by asking Berry Industrial Group, Inc. to provide all the reports you need. Pallet reporting includes time period (monthly, quarterly, and annually) analyses for each size, location, and costs. Any way you want to view it, we provide it. We can publish cost savings and certificates of compliance. We also offer consolidated billing and consignment with convenient terms. Call Berry Industrial Group, Inc. to find “A PALLETable™ Solution” for you.

Recycling Program
Price matters, of course, but you should not have to settle for low-grade or inferior pallets as a result. At Berry Industrial Group, Inc., we make the best pallets available. Then we get serious: we can design a customized recycling network with your vendors and distributors. Berry Industrial Group, Inc. manages the program with minimal interaction with your employees and customers. Your company can easily become part of this profitable recycling plan. We’re ready to explain all you need to know about how wooden pallets fit into your bottom line strategies, meet environmental regulations, and even promote green initiatives and sustainability at the same time.